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Calgary CPR and First Aid Courses, Babysitting Course, Psychological First Aid and Water Safety Training 

Why Choose Paladin First Aid for your First Aid, CPR and Water Safety Courses?

Paladin First Aid is in a unique position to be able to offer a wide variety of CPR, first aid and water safety courses.  All of our first aid training courses are offered with  COVID-19 safety protocols in place and we pride ourselves on making our courses engaging.  Do you need a workplace approved course or require a recertification? We have you covered and can get you certified quickly.  All of our staff are Red Cross certified instructors and are fully bonded and record checked (including vulnerable sector check).

Other courses you can take with us include Emergency First Aid, Standard Child Care First Aid, Babysitting Course, Stay Safe, Psychological First Aid, and Water Safety Instructor just to start. Our water safety courses are located at  Water Safety Courses  and our first aid courses are found here at First Aid Courses

Do you have an anxious child who needs one on one swimming lessons? We have a staff  member who will work with your child to get them into the water safely and with patience. Sometimes it takes a child weeks to feel comfortable  but are determined to ensure they feel comfortable during the process.

We are a family owned business who understands what it’s like to try to keep your staff and clients safe. If you are a business and would like to have us in to do any first aid or CPR/AED training, we can arrange that too.    Paladin means “Champions for a Just Cause” and we aim to practice that in all aspects of our business.

Paladin First Aid offers blended or online courses to reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom.  This can be especially helpful for those who are looking to reduce interaction with others during Covid or for the person who prefers the process of being self-directed in their learning.  You can find both options on our courses page.

What is our “Why”?

At the beginning of each course, we ask every participant what they want to come out of the course being more confident in. Every single time the answer is the same, and it’s CPR. This is expected and it makes us very happy to know that people are most interested in wanting to save a life. The statistics on CPR and AED tell the truth, time matters when it comes to someone having a heart attack. For every minute that AED use is delayed, the chances of survival drop 10%. For CPR, compression only (without providing rescue breaths) has approximately the same survival rate as CPR with breaths. What does that mean for someone trained in first aid? Do your best and try to recognize an emergency early. Do not get hung up so much on doing everything perfectly, just do something within the scope to which you have been trained. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Many people are worried about getting involved for concerns of legal issues, hurting someone, getting a disease, or being afraid of the sights and sounds of the injuries. We assure you, even if all you do is call 911, please do it.

Our goal for each participant is to come away from the course with the confidence to know what to do in an emergency. Our staff work very hard to make sure you are comfortable with each skill, demonstrating step by step. If you don’t understand something, we go back over it until you feel you can do it on your own. For us, it’s a passion that we have more people willing to jump in and help others in an emergency. You may be the one person on the playground when our child falls or our relative has a heart attack. With more confident first aiders in our community, we are safer. That is our why, and we hope it will become your why too.

Water Safety Instructor Course Update

We are still awaiting the re-opening of the facility that we use for this course. The expectation is that a course will be available  soon.  We are working closely with the facility to secure a date. If you would like to be put on a notification list for this course, please email here.

Covid-19 Upate – August 2021 

Now that the Alberta provincial restrictions have eased, we are going to be offering courses that continue to provide protection for our staff and class participants.  The use of masks will be expected during the class and hand sanitizer will be available.  All of our staff and instructors are double vaccinated.  We will continue to provide 6 feet spacing between participants with the exception of certain skill demonstrations.  Safety is our paramount concern and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

CPR course mask

Fast, Convenient, Safe

Get the courses you need, when you need them.  We are committed to ensure a safe environment for all your first aid and water safety needs. Your time is important.  Even more important is that you feel confident and protected in the class. Covid protocols are in place.


Modern Tools & Courses

We have amazing first aid training manikins to make your CPR training easier.  In class or blended on-line training makes hands-on learning fun and engaging while giving you the skills you need.  We encourage active participation in our courses so you will be confident.

Paladin First Aid Owners

A Team Who Cares

Paladin First Aid in Calgary is dedicated to make sure that we serve you the way you need.  We aim to make the course you take with us the best it can be.  Our staff are approachable and are here to help. Ask if you have questions.


Red Cross Standard First Aid, CPR C and AED


Standard Child Care First Aid, CPR and AED


Red Cross CPR/AED Course


Red Cross Stay Safe Course


Water Safety Instructor Course


Standard First Aid, CPR C & AED Recertification


Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR


Red Cross Emergency First Aid


Red Cross Babysitting Course


Red Cross Psychological First Aid

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