Frequently Asked Questions

How have CPR and first aid courses changed with Covid-19?

Covid-19 has changed so many things in our lives in the past year, including how we teach first aid. The obvious things like social distancing (maintaining 6 ft distance apart), wearing of masks at all times during the course and frequent hand washing or sanitizing. These are the obvious things that you would suspect that would have changed.

There are many other things that I’d like to highlight for you as well at this time.There is no sharing of mannequins and no hands-on practice with each other. You will splint yourself with materials provided, do some demonstrations on the mannequins and can demonstrate certain skills with the baby mannequins instead of a partner.

While this is not ideal, we know that these are meant to keep us safe. Our courses also integrated lots of engaging activities that required partners or groups. Some of these have changed to include electronic activities to help keep you engaged and not be lectured to. With each course registration, we are including the link to certain documents that you are able to access and download for use in the classroom. We also encourage everyone to bring an electronic device if they have one such as a phone to be able to participate. We do have a few spares for those who do not have access to an electronic device.

How much does a CPR course cost to attend?

Depending on what First Aid / CPR course you take, the costs will be different.A 2 day Red Cross in-class Standard First Aid & CPR “C” Course will be more expensive than a 1-day Emergency First Aid Course. A recertification course is also calculated differently so it will really depend on what you require.  We strongly encourage you to research what course you require for any occupational certifications.  Online or blended courses also have different fees as parts of the course are done online. As well, you are required to have your own CPR pocket mask so that will be on top of the course fees if you need to purchase one. You also have the option of buying a manual.

Can I still do a recertification course if my First Aid certification has expired? 

Typically, the answer is no. If your first aid certificate has expired by even 1 day, you are required to take the full course again. However, many organizations like the Canadian Red Cross made exceptions to this to accommodate for the reality of Covid-19.  The practice now reflects a pre-Covid policy whereby you will be required to take a new course if your certificate has expired. 


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