Classroom and Blended Online Education

The classroom gives you the hands on experience you need to reinforce the skills and knowledge you have gained either online or in the classroom.  We are also offering blended online learning options to maximize your time and to meet covid protocols.

Modern Teaching Techniques

Our instructors teach to meet the needs of all different learner types.  No more sitting in a boring classroom setting listening to the instructor talk.  We offer multi-discipline courses in our unique learning environment.  Ever used Kahoot!?  We use that in our classes to keep it fun.

What makes our CPR courses and First Aid Courses different in Calgary?


Our Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses contain all of the information and knowledge necessary to build the confidence you’ll need for real world emergency situations. What sets us apart is that we believe learners need to be actively engaged in their own learning process. Who hasn’t sat in classes all day listening to the instructor lecturing about topic after topic. It is so easy to tune out and become disengaged from the learning process. First Aid and CPR are active topics. We believe in providing activities that get your body moving, as well as utilizing the most current technologies such as Kahoot games and interactive lesson plans. This enhances your ability to learn and retain the core information. We provide lots of hands on time with the mannequins so you can practice your CPR skills, choking scenario skills which we believe will build your confidence and skill set. Our instructors come with a wealth of life experience. Tracey is a retired Registered Nurse and owned a lice removal shop before embarking on this new adventure. She knows what it’s like to face a real life emergency and will share some of her experiences with you.

We offer courses at a set location or at an appropriate location requested by you.  There are certain requirements for a course to be held off-site so please check with us to ensure it meets the criteria needed to run a first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course.  In this case, we bring everything we need including our training mannequins, AED trainers, and all other PPE requirements.  If special requirements are needed such as accommodations in order for a staff to participate, we work very hard to ensure we can have everyone participate.  If a participant does not meet the requirements to pass the course, a certificate of participation can be provided on request.

If you are doing a recertification course, it is critical that you currently hold a valid certificate for the same course.  It cannot be expired by even one day, otherwise the original certificate course will need to be taken.  You will need to provide a copy of your certificate so we can ensure it meets the requirements.

We are a Red Cross Training Partner and offer courses for all your water safety and first aid needs.  If you see a course you need but do not see an open time slot, please contact us and we will do our best to set up a course to meet your requirements.  

Courses that meet legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards are noted in the applicable course description.  We highly encourage you to ask your employer (if applicable) what course you are required to have. Please ensure prior to booking this course that you know what you need.  Thank you. 

Paladin First Aid – Refund/Cancellation Policy

Course Material Fees:

 Course material fees are non-refundable once materials have been issued. 

 Online Course Components and Online Only Courses: 

 Online course components and online only courses are non-refundable once issued. 

Courses with a required pre-requisite / pre-course online component(s):

 Participation in a course with a required pre-requisite is not permitted unless the participant presents written proof of the required pre-requisite prior to the completion of the course.  An in-person course with a pre-course online component(s) is not refundable if the participant hasn’t completed the required online component(s) prior to the commencement of the in-person course.


 Cancellation requests received more than 7 days prior to the commencement of the course will be refunded less a $ 10 (inclusive of GST) cancellation fee.  Cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the commencement date of the course are not refundable.


 A one-time rebooking of a course date will be permitted within 2 days of the course at no additional cost to the participant subject to course availability.

 Covid-19 / Illness:

 If a participant cannot attend a course due to Covid-19 exposure or other illness, their course will be rebooked at no additional cost to the participant.Please contact customer service toll free at 1 (844) 660-5423 or by e-mail at info@paladinfirstaid.ca